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Off White Fabric
Off White Fabric

Hi there! I'm Sydney. 👩🏻‍💻

I'm currently heading into my final year at the University of Washington completing a double-degree in Informatics (Human-Computer Interaction) and Psychology. My strengths lie in my attention to detail and ability to work effectively in groups. Throughout my time at the UW, I have gained experience conducting user research to inform and build products using web development and design heuristics.

Outside of UX, I like to play soccer, gush over my dachshund Roca, and explore places to eat in Seattle!

Feel free to reach out!

Off White Fabric

A bit more about me...

At the beginning of my college career, I had no idea what I wanted to become. I pursued Psychology because I found human behavior intriguing to study. When I took my first coding class a couple years later, I was in awe at the capabilities of technology, and took a step back. 

I learned about UX as the intersection between these two fields (and many more), and decided to study Informatics to gain design knowledge and project experience. Throughout each project experience, my favorite part was the user research. Learning about user experiences with their interactions with technology combines my earliest interests, and motivates me to improve my skills to pursue a career in UX.

Off White Fabric
Off White Fabric
Off White Fabric


  • Taking courses and learning new skills:

    • INFO 490 Project Capstone

    • INFO 330 Databases and Data Modeling

    • INFO 380 Product and Information Systems Management

  • Completing the Google UX Design Certificate

  • Improving this portfolio

  • Dog-sitting my aunt's new puppy :)

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